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Recent Announcements:


There will be no kids open mat this Saturday, August 4, 2018. Upcoming tournament competitors and advanced junior training will still be held, as well as the Fitness Kickboxing class. All classes will resume on Monday August 6, 2018. 

Upcoming Tournaments and Events: 

- Trinity Kings 5: 
- Saturday 9/15/18
- @ iTrampoline

- NAGA Hawaii: 
- Saturday 9/22/18
- @ TBD

*Please see an Instructor for more information or if you are interested. 


Kempo Unlimited School of Self Defense, founded on January 8, 1996, by Professors James S. Jowers, Jr. and Tommy C. Lam, is a martial arts school dedicated to teaching progressive cutting edge martial arts techniques. We offer the best techniques from many disciplines and put them all together into our unique style. read more >>

Our Classes

Junior Kempo Class
This class is geared towards kids 5 through 15. In this class, kids learn the fundamentals of punching, kicking, grappling, and throws. Read more...

Fitness Kickboxing
Learn real boxing and kickboxing in this high energy one hour class. Get fit and have fun doing it. Read more...

Adult Kempo Class
In this class, students will learn various and effective self defense techniques geared towards the street. Read more...

Mixed Martial Arts
Learn effective techniques utilizing strikes, throws, clinching, wrestling, grappling and submissions. Read more...


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