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Kempo Unlimited Hawaii

Kempo Unlimited Hawaii School of Self Defense, founded on January 8, 1996, by Professors James S. Jowers, Jr. and Tommy C. Lam, is a martial arts school dedicated to teaching progressive cutting edge martial arts techniques. We offer the best techniques from many disciplines and put them all together into our unique style. Our programs are developed to fit all your needs when you are looking to train in the martial arts. Whether for self defense, fitness, discipline, sport competition or overall wellness, we have something for everyone. We offer training to people from all walks of life, beginner to advance, kids to adults. We have the programs that will fit your individual goals.

Our vast knowledge and years of experience will offer you top notch training in our martial arts program. We strive to offer quality training in an ego free, fun, family atmosphere. Our school adheres to the policy of discipline, good sportsmanship, heart, humility and strong ethics. This code is reflected in our students and instructors.

We at Kempo Unlimited Hawaii, strive to bring out the best out of our students. We will continue to evolve and be students of the martial arts with new concepts and ideas, so that we can continue to share our knowledge with our students. We make sure that our students will receive the very best instruction at all times to help them to reach their goals and be the best they can be.

Mission Statement

Kempo Unlimited Hawaii’s mission is to impact people’s lives in a positive way through the martial arts. To adhere to the process of developing oneself to their maximum potential and reach high levels of personal achievement exceeding their expectations. Our goal is to provide cutting edge training using practical and effective techniques combining the best techniques of various arts into a system where the main goal is self-preservation. We focus on the student’s well being and promote a positive, friendly, ego-free environment. Our staff is dedicated to providing the finest possible instruction and guidance in order to produce the most complete and well-rounded martial artist. Kempo Unlimited will continue to strive and evolve to incorporate the best techniques into its curriculum, while continuing to abide by the principles of discipline, respect and courage.

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